Gold and Silver

The magic of precious metals and the mysteries surrounding their possessions have a long history and many causes. Of special note are the brilliance, the rarity, the high cost of extraction and the durability. Check your needs and weigh them according to the criteria of the

“Magic triangle” of investment:


This is the first corner of the magic triangle: For precious metals, however, one must accept that prices can fluctuate greatly, including downwards. However, experience teaches that total loss is almost impossible, or at least extremely unlikely.


This is the second corner of the magic triangle: Yield is usually zero. Increases in prices will repeatedly bring value, but also mind the losses. But that is speculation and not the subject of a long-term investment.


is the third corner point of the magic triangle. Those who still have information from the bad times of the war, or even have personal experience, know how important the easy and valuable salability of precious metal in bad times is.


And two more important safety criteria:


This is very high. Precious metal is easier to transport than other assets, such as real estate that you always must leave behind (creditors, political circumstances). Also think about the smaller volume compared to artworks and antiques.

Disaster protection

Precious metals are the classic, proven and universal protection against disasters and against inflation and therefore highly recommended as security.



In summary, it can be concluded that the addition of gold or silver to the extent of 5-10% of an investment can always be highly recommended.