The Customer in the Center

The insurance office Dr. Nemling is an experienced, independent financial services firm with full rights to advise and broker all insurance and investment fund products. The brokerage is owned by Dr. Robert Nemling and was founded in 1998.

The customer structure focuses on the liberal professions, the suppliers of service and the upscale private business. We know every customer personally.

We have cooperation agreements with all significant quality providers in the area of life insurance, non-life insurance and investments of all kinds, which are approved for operation in Austria. This enables us to discreetly, flexibly and as needed provide the best solutions available on the market.

Orderly care in case of damage is self-evident. Our goal is the long-term satisfaction of our customers through competence and prudence. Please study the information provided. Do you want documents on a specific topic? Do you have questions ? Do you want an offer? May we visit you? Please call us, send us a fax or use the e-mail prepared under “Contact”.

Thank you very much.